5 You Must eat “Healthy” to Lose Weight – Answer

#5 – You must eat “healthy” foods to lose weight (chocolate, donuts and pizza will ruin weight loss results)

Answer: FALSE

Your body has no idea what you would consider a ‘healthy’ food. And I challenge anyone to actually define “healthy food”. The idea of ‘healthy’ eating and healthy foods is a marketing made myth.

Eating for weight loss is and always will be calories in vs calories out. You can achieve a calorie deficit with any types of food you like. I have personally just lost about 29 pounds in the past 10-11 weeks and I have eaten at least 1 donut every day and pizza and chicken wings each weekend.

I make no claim about the healthy-ness of these food items, but I am sure the main stream opinion is that these foods are unhealthy and would make weight loss impossible. <-- both are untrue. John