5 Day Weight Loss Experiment: Hour 88

I hinted at this a little bit yesterday. I’m in the middle of a 5 day weight loss experiment. As I”m writing this I’m in hour 88 of 120.

Here are the coles notes so far.

Lost 9 lbs: started at 186lbs – currently at 177lbs

Waist measurement has decreased almost half an inch.

Shoulder measurement is steady.

Strength is consistent (going to they gym in a few mins and I’ll report in on how it went)

So I’ve got about 32 hours left on this experiment.

I’m not using any supplements or drugs, not eating any special foods, not doing any cardio or any extra exercise at all.

My guess is that I can get to 175 within the next 32 hours.

Either way I’ll post my progress and where I end up tomorrow.

I’ll be doing a live teleseminar in a couple weeks to discuss the whole thing and you can ask questions about it too, so I’ll post that link when we’ve got the event set up.