24 Hour Weight Loss Experiment

This is a follow up to my 72 hour weight loss experiment that I did about a month ago.

during my 72 hour experiment I simply fasted for 72 hours.24clock

I ended up dropping from 217 pounds to about 206 over the course of 72 hours.

A few days after resuming regular eating I normalized to a weight that fluctuates between 206-208 lbs

As of right now I am starting a 24 hour weight loss experiment. In this one I am fasting but also doing extended

and frequent bouts of cardiovascular training and weight training. It’s not necessarily practical to try this on a work day or even on a weekend day that you expect to do much else besides exercise, drink coffee and nap.

So my starting weight is 206 lbs. at 8pm on Thurs.

next weigh in will be tomorrow morning after morning workout.